Why Should You Invest in Real Estate vs. Stock?

Making investment decisions can seem challenging, but ultimately it depends on personal risk tolerance and the financial goals that you are setting. The recent problems with the real estate market have caused many men and women to feel uncomfortable about investing in real estate, but ultimately, it is a better choice than putting funds into stock.

The risk of the stock market is a key reason that you should invest in property. The stock market is constantly rising and falling. You can lose a large percentage of your savings within the same day and sometimes the drops in the market do not make logical sense.

Housing and property is less volatile, which means that you are taking a much lower risk. The other factor is that the market ultimately increases throughout the course of your lifetime. In many cases, your home’s value will increase by three to five times the original value after you pay off a 30 year mortgage.

Getting involved in investing is a smart decision, but you should always focus on your goals and risk tolerance before making a final choice. To learn more about investing in California, contact Avis Lending.

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