What Should Your Annual Energy Costs Be?

When it comes to thinking about annual energy costs, the consulting firm Accenture estimates that the average person spends roughly six minutes out of the year, thinking about their yearly energy costs. That means that people typically devote no more than 30 seconds a month to thinking about what they payout per year for their utilities.

When comparing the cost of home energy with the cost of gasoline to fuel a car, the amount that people spend per year isn’t that different, yet people are clearly far more concerned about what they’re paying for gasoline than they are about what they pay for the energy they need to maintain their homes.

A tool called Power2Switch makes it possible for people to find out about energy costs for any area, based on that area’s average prices and the size of your home. Compare the prices of different providers to ask yourself “what should they be?”

If you know you’re going to move to another state in the not too distant future, comparing energy costs for the state you’re moving to against the national average can help you figure out whether your utility costs will impact the type of housing you hope to find. When you’re figuring out your monthly expenses, include your monthly utility costs with your monthly housing payment.

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