Ways To Speed Up The Mortgage Process

If you are antsy about getting into that new home, then follow these tips on speeding up the mortgage process.

  • Get your credit in order before applying for a mortgage. If you go to great lengths to ensure that your credit profile meets lending requirements, then you speed up the approval process.
  • Do your homework on lenders in advance. By checking lender reputation, you’ll know which one is the best fit for you and your situation.
  • Respond to requests quickly. If the lender need more documents, then quickly providing them keeps the mortgage approval wheels rolling.
  • Know program requirements in advance. If you’re applying through a special lending program, then learn the home requirements before doing your shopping. This prevents the crushing news that your selected home doesn’t meet requirements.
  • Avoid new debt. While undergoing the mortgage process, resist the urge of new credit cards and other debt that delays the approval process.

For information on mortgages in California, contact Avis Lending now. We are happy to help you with any mortgage questions.

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