The Effectiveness of Writing a Letter to a Seller

Getting an offer accepted on the home you want to purchase isn’t only about picking the right price to offer or setting the best terms for the contract. It can also depend on a bit of a personal touch. After all, the sellers are people too, and their feelings about you can come into play. Therefore, writing a letter to the seller can be incredibly effective for getting you your dream home.

Much of the effectiveness of writing a letter comes from the personal touch you provide. Take the time to introduce yourself, talk about your family, and include a photo. In addition, tell the seller why you love the home. Most likely, these are features the seller loved as well, so you’ll establish a connection. In addition to getting a good purchase price, many sellers also want to know that the home they poured time and money into is going to be cared for.

Once you have an accepted offer, you’ll need to get busy working out the details of your home loan. Contact Avis Lending for in-depth assistance getting the mortgage you want at the lowest possible cost.

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