Your Plan of Action When You’re Ready to Sell

Even the coziest, well-maintained homes need a good sales strategy to sell. Accountants, computer engineers, doctors, and teachers are professions in which the individuals will all sell a home at some point in their lives. While some professions may give you great communication skills, selling homes was probably not a prerequisite for accomplishing your career. Read More

Start With The A’s of the Mortgage Glossary

When buying a home, there are many terms that people who are not in the mortgage industry do not know. If you are every confused about some of the words that are thrown around when you are finding the right mortgage, always ask for clarification from your mortgage lender. There is also a mortgage glossary Read More

How to Save Your ‘Underwater’ Home

Having your home go ‘underwater’ is somewhere that no homeowner wants to be. ‘Underwater’ refers to properties where more money is owed on the home than the property is actually worth. If you find that your property is ‘underwater’ there are a few steps to take help turn your home around. Contact your lender as Read More

Benefits of Refinancing

Refinancing your home can seem like a daunting task. In reality, there are many benefits to refinancing. Working with the proper mortgage company can help guide you through the process and make it as simple as possible. Following these three steps can help make your refinancing process as smooth as possible. Step 1: Making Decisions Read More

What to Know When Buying a Distressed Property

Buying a distressed property may seem like a good way to save some money when looking into buying a home. Although there are many pros of buying a distressed home, it also comes with some cons as well. Most distressed houses are sold as foreclosures or short sales so that the owner of the property Read More

Building Your Own Custom Home

Building a home can allow you to create your perfect dream house. You can put any room into the house, creating a custom home that will have everything you want in it. Before starting to build your own house, there are a few things to consider. Organize your finances. Building a custom home is not Read More

Buying a Home With Your Significant Other

Making the decision to buy a house with your significant other is one of the biggest decisions to make together other than marriage. It is important to make sure you have an in depth discussion about your money. Your mortgage lender will have to look into your credit history, which will reveal any information such Read More

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