Cash-Out Refinancing: Is It Right for You?

Are you looking for a way to consolidate your debt? Start your own home-based business? Add an extra room onto the house for the baby that’s on the way? Whatever your need is for money, you may be able to get that cash by tapping into your home’s equity by considering what your refinance home Read More

Top 5 Questions to Ask While Choosing a Home Loan

Not all mortgages are alike, and it’s your responsibility to ask the right questions to sort through the details and get the one that’s best for your situation. As you’re shopping for a home loan, ask these five questions about each loan to help you make your choice. 1. What are the basic characteristics of Read More

Understand How Your Credit Score is Calculated

Every account you have that involves you borrowing money from a lender appears on your credit report. Your report shows how long you have had the account, how much you owe, and how many on time and late payments you have made. Your credit report also displays collection accounts and public record items, like bankruptcy, Read More

Top 3 Questions to Ask Before Refinancing

Refinancing your mortgage can get you a lower interest rate, but not everyone is an ideal candidate. Here are three major questions you should be asking yourself before you refinance your mortgage: 1. Am I planning to keep my home for at least three years? If the answer is no, it will rarely be worth the Read More

California Home Sellers Get Short Sale Tax Break

Recent legislation has made it more attractive for people exploring to refinance their home in Orange County and all of California to consider doing a short sale. Although short sales are not conducted as frequently as in recent years, they will remain a viable option now that the amount forgiven by a lender will not Read More

The Dos and Dont’s of Home Buying

While there may not be the perfect way to purchase a home, there are certainly some good practices to follow, and poor choices to avoid. Orange County is a competitive real estate market that can sometimes be overwhelming when shopping for the perfect home. Rest assured, we understand that home buying is an individual experience, Read More

Avoid These Debt Collection Mistakes To Avoid Serious Consequences

Nobody wants to be in debt. Yet sometimes life takes an unexpected turn for the worse as you struggle to make payments. Then the debt collection calls start to come in. Before you throw your phone out the window, understand that the collection agency is simply doing their job in trying to clear away a Read More

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