The Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Your Retirement Money to Buy a House

Resist the urge to pull from your 401(k) to ensure that you’re truly financially prepared. Saving up for a down payment is difficult, and it can be fairly easy to get caught up in the excitement of house hunting. You may be tempted to break into your 401(k) to fund some of this down payment, Read More

Your Plan of Action When You’re Ready to Sell

Even the coziest, well-maintained homes need a good sales strategy to sell. Accountants, computer engineers, doctors, and teachers are professions in which the individuals will all sell a home at some point in their lives. While some professions may give you great communication skills, selling homes was probably not a prerequisite for accomplishing your career. Read More

How Much Will Your Credit Score Matter in 2016?

Your credit score is about to become an even more important number in your life. If you became an adult after 2008, you’re probably used to seeing interest rates in the single digits, and have maybe come to the conclusion that having a savings account is about as useful as sticking all of your cash Read More

Locking Your Social Security Number: Should You Do it?

Find out if locking your social security number is best for you. Keeping your personal information personal is now more important than ever. Between apps and credit card security breaches and high-tech breaches, identity thieves seem to have an almost endless supply of resources to tap into your information. If this is something that worries Read More

The Reasons Not to Pay Down Your Credit Card Debt

Improve your credit score by avoiding these mistakes. As counterintuitive as it may sound, paying your credit card debt in one fell swoop may not be the best thing for your credit score. Sure, it may get rid of the debt shadow that’s been following you around everywhere, and while, financially, it will help you Read More

Home Improvement and Repairs and Taxes: What You Need to Know

Repairs and improvements aren’t always treated in the same fashion when it comes to taxes. Your first house may have been far from perfect: the 1970s themed wallpaper, the 40-year-old heater, an out of date refrigerator, and a basement that looked like something straight out of “The Conjuring” movies. Over the years, you may have Read More

How Condo Financing Differs From Home Loans

What you need to know about your loan if you buy a condo instead of a home. To young, first time homebuyers, buying a condo can be very attractive.  They are on average less expensive than homes, come with amenities such as a community gym and pool, and often have added security and are safer Read More

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