Mortgaging A Multi-Unit Home

Different Regulations Apply When Buying A Duplex, Triplex, Or Apartment Buildings You have been thinking about how to make your mortgage payments more manageable, and have come up with a bright idea. If you buy a multi-unit home, you could rent out the additional units to help you bring in some extra income to put Read More

Getting A Mortgage Is Getting Easier

How Buying A Home Is Becoming Easier After the housing market crashed and fed us into the Great Recession, regulations around mortgages tightened and the amount of credit available decreased. After the highest amount of access to home loans peaked in 2004, crisis struck America in 2007. By 2010, access to home loans was at Read More

What Makes FHA Loans Different?

How Mortgages Backed By The Federal Housing Administration Are Different When you first begin to learn about the different home loans options that are available, the jargon can be confusing. There are a plethora of different types of loans and they can all seem to be backed by different parties. To help you understand one Read More

Obama Reduces FHA Fees

How Fees For Federal Housing Administration-Backed Loans Are Changing As 2015 began, it marked another year behind us since the economic downturn led to the Great Recession and crash of the housing market. Since then, the housing market has struggled to return to its former health. 2014 brought significant appreciations in the cost of homes Read More

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