Your Plan of Action When You’re Ready to Sell

Even the coziest, well-maintained homes need a good sales strategy to sell. Accountants, computer engineers, doctors, and teachers are professions in which the individuals will all sell a home at some point in their lives. While some professions may give you great communication skills, selling homes was probably not a prerequisite for accomplishing your career. Read More

How Much Will Your Credit Score Matter in 2016?

Your credit score is about to become an even more important number in your life. If you became an adult after 2008, you’re probably used to seeing interest rates in the single digits, and have maybe come to the conclusion that having a savings account is about as useful as sticking all of your cash Read More

Locking Your Social Security Number: Should You Do it?

Find out if locking your social security number is best for you. Keeping your personal information personal is now more important than ever. Between apps and credit card security breaches and high-tech breaches, identity thieves seem to have an almost endless supply of resources to tap into your information. If this is something that worries Read More

The Reasons Not to Pay Down Your Credit Card Debt

Improve your credit score by avoiding these mistakes. As counterintuitive as it may sound, paying your credit card debt in one fell swoop may not be the best thing for your credit score. Sure, it may get rid of the debt shadow that’s been following you around everywhere, and while, financially, it will help you Read More

Do You Know Your Buying Power?

You should have a good understanding of your buying power before you start looking for your next house.  When it comes time to start looking for a house, it’s all about buying power. The more buying power you have, the easier it will be to move into the house of your dreams. Take a close look Read More

Your Checklist for Qualifying to Refinance Your Home

If you want to qualify to refinance your home, set yourself up for success by using this checklist. Mortgage rates are still at historic lows, which makes it a great time to refinance your home loan. You know that there will be some closing costs involved in refinancing, but you think it would be worth Read More

How To: Survive Your Credit Check

Have a credit check coming up? Here’s how to survive it. Whether you’re buying a home, applying for a new credit card, or leasing a car or apartment, you’re going to be quantified by a three-digit number. That number makes up your credit score, and it will be a large part of determining what kind Read More

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