Simple Ways to Improve your Credit Score

Most people know they have a credit score, but do not pay much attention to it. If you are planning on buying a home, it is important to make sure that you know what your credit score is. Since your credit score is a deciding factor when it comes to getting a home loan, it is important to make sure it is as high as possible. Keep these simple tips in mind to help improve your credit score and raise your FICO score.

  1. Check your report. You are eligible for one free credit report every year. Make sure to get a copy of your score and check to see if there are any errors. If you find any errors, make sure to fix them as soon as possible. These errors can be anything from incorrectly listed late payments or open credit cards that you do not have.
  2. Set up payment reminders. Making sure that all of your credit bills are paid on time is one of the best ways to improve your credit score. Set up automatic reminders to ensure that you do not miss any payments. You could also enroll in automatic payments. However, keep in mind that automatic payments will only pay the minimum payment each month.
  3. Lower your debt. Although it may be easier said than done, make sure to lower the amount of debt you owe to improve your credit. Pay off all of your credit cards and create a budget to help pay down any other debts that you owe, such as car loans or student loans.

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