Reduce Your Home’s Energy Costs

There are many ways you can spend too much money, and "energy vampires" in your house can really cost you. These are appliances and other things that cause you to spend more for your power bills than you would otherwise have to. To lower your costs, consider turning off and unplugging devices like phone chargers, AC adapters, anything on standby, and anything with a clock or a remote when it’s not in use.

If you’re heading out of town, or even before going to bed for the night, shut off and/or unplug the appliances that don’t need to operate while you’re gone or sleeping. Many people do that by plugging all the main cords in one area into a power strip, then shutting off or unplugging the strip. That works very well for things like TVs and all of their related components.

To learn about refinance home mortgage options and how to lower the energy costs in your Orange County home, contact Avis Lending today.

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