Understanding the Home Buying Process

There are a few things you should know about the home buying process on the road to homeownership: Getting pre-approved can save you quite a bit of time. When you are looking for a home, having a pre-approved mortgage will help sellers take you seriously and gives you leverage when making an offer. Understand the Read More

Closing on a Foreclosure? Keep these Points in Mind

Are you interested in buying a house after it’s been through foreclosure? If so, you’ve set off on a path that’s a little different from the standard home buying process, therefore, it is smart to get acquanited with the proces and do your research beforehand. Here’s a few tips to help you prepare: 1. Pre-approval Read More

Rates Fixed and Arms: Hawaii

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Reasons to Invest in a Rental Property when You’re Young

The younger you are when you begin building your financial future, the better your chances are of having a solid retirement fund. Investing in a rental property when you are young is one of the ways you can invest in yourself. When you are young, you normally have less financial responsibilities. Once you begin raising Read More

Homeowners Recovery from Negative Equity

When the housing bubble burst around 2007, many homeowners suddenly found themselves with negative equity. This is when their home loans had balances higher than the value of the home, as determined by sale prices in the local market. Since then, many homeowners have been struggling toward recovery, trying to keep up with their mortgage Read More

Realtors, mortgage industry await impact of sequester

President Obama has signed an order enacting sequester that will result in $85 billion of spending cuts. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) believes these funding cuts will reduce housing aid for low income families. Federal housing programs may be cut as a result. Federal Housing Administration (FHA) representatives indicated that FHA loan Read More

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