Protect Yourself From Identity Theft During Tax Season

With tax season upon us, it is easy to treat tax documents like any other mail that you receive. Of course, that is risky since tax forms normally include your Social Security number and other personal information. In the hands of a criminal, those documents are the ingredients for a recipe of identity theft. Fortunately, protecting yourself and keeping your identity safe is an easy process.

Your W-2s are due for arrival by January 31st. Contact your employer for info on their whereabouts, and contact the IRS if they’re still missing by February 14th.

Once you have tax documents in-hand, keep them in a secure place such as a home safe. This limits the chances of losing the paperwork to thieves.

If the IRS notifies you of a tax filing with your Social Security number, then someone else possibly used your information. Get in touch with the IRS if you suspect a fraudulent tax return is the culprit and they’ll process it as identity theft.

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