Need to Sell Before You Buy? Use These Open House Tips!

Open House Tips Lahaina HIStage your home to sell like a pro with these open house tips.

When your potential buyers feel like they’re walking into a beautiful home that they have only dreamed of living in, it could land you an amazing offer.  That initial feeling a person gets when they first set eyes on the space is very important.  It will get the ball rolling and your buyer’s interest triggered.

Don’t get whipped into a frenzy and think you have to hire a stager and rent new furniture; check out these guarded secrets of the pros! Here are some of the best open house tips.

  1. Think minimal for the bathrooms

What sends the message quickest that a bathroom is clean and in order?  Bright and white.  Don’t go overboard with fancy towels and decorative soaps.  All white makes a bathroom exactly what we need it to be at first impression: fresh and new.

Use fresh white towels, white soap, and a white soap dish. Even white toothbrushes and lotion will make your WC look sharp!

  1. Lights, Lights, Action!

Turning on all of the lights in your home will communicate to buyers that you aren’t hiding anything in the shadows.  Darkness in homes might be good for suspense films, but for buyers, they trigger subconscious fears that this home is hiding issues that won’t be discovered until it’s too late.

  1. Show Off That Hardwood

Buyers love hardwood flooring.  Roll up your rugs and give your floor a wash and wax.

  1. Let in the Sunshine

Make sure you’ve completely opened curtains, blinds and drapes.  Letting natural light flood in make a home look alive and beautiful.  And of course, wash those windows so they’re squeaky clean!

  1. Dump the Old Lampshades

Replace old lampshades with clean white drum shades from a place like Ikea or Target.  Little details like this make a huge difference.

After you sell, you’ll need to get into your next home quickly. To ensure your mortgage doesn’t hold up the home buying process, contact Avis Lending. Serving Irvine, California and Lahaina, Hawaii, we’ll make sure you get the home loan you need.

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