FHA Mortgages May Come With Reduced Mortgage Insurance Premiums

FHA mortgages are extremely valuable for many first-time homebuyers, but there is one notable downside: the requirement of paying annual mortgage insurance. New changes to FHA mortgages may reduce these costs. How Will FHA Mortgages Reduce Mortgage Insurance Premiums? Today, homeowners interested in pursuing an FHA mortgage and putting less than 20 percent down on Read More

Gather the Documents You’ll Need to Get the Mortgage You Want

First time home buyers–and even veteran homeowners–often are unsure of the docs they’ll need to get the mortgage they want. Understanding the basic documentation mortgage lenders want will help you be prepared before you make a home loan application. Here is a checklist you can use to be ready to make a successful mortgage loan Read More

Bad Credit Won’t Stop You From Getting A Mortgage

While advertisements infer that excellent credit is a necessity when it comes to getting a mortgage that is not entirely accurate. In fact, even people with poor credit scores can get a mortgage. Mortgage lenders assess more than just a credit score when evaluating a mortgage application. If your debt-to-income ratio looks favorable and you Read More

Ways To Speed Up The Mortgage Process

If you are antsy about getting into that new home, then follow these tips on speeding up the mortgage process. Get your credit in order before applying for a mortgage. If you go to great lengths to ensure that your credit profile meets lending requirements, then you speed up the approval process. Do your homework Read More

Does age affect a mortgage?

When considering a mortgage, you may want to consider your age. Different ages, and different stages of life, often require a different approach to purchasing a home. Younger individuals tend to have a significant amount of debt, so they often need to get a home that has a lower down payment. First-time home buyers such Read More

Top 3 Questions to Ask Before Refinancing

Refinancing your mortgage can get you a lower interest rate, but not everyone is an ideal candidate. Here are three major questions you should be asking yourself before you refinance your mortgage: 1. Am I planning to keep my home for at least three years? If the answer is no, it will rarely be worth the Read More

California Home Sellers Get Short Sale Tax Break

Recent legislation has made it more attractive for people exploring to refinance their home in Orange County and all of California to consider doing a short sale. Although short sales are not conducted as frequently as in recent years, they will remain a viable option now that the amount forgiven by a lender will not Read More

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