Debunk Myths With Your Irvine Mortgage Lender

Your Irvine, CA Mortgage Lender Experts Can Clear Up Mortgage Myths

If you are thinking about buying a home, you are probably trying to gather as much information as possible about the mortgage process. Unfortunately, there is a lot of inaccurate information circulating today, which could lead you astray. To help, your Irvine, CA mortgage lender can help you dispel these common myths about today’s mortgage market.

  • Young People Cannot Buy. There is a common misconception that no first-time buyers can enter the market right now. That is because there have been tight regulations around lending for a time, and because many young people had a hard time finding jobs during the depths of the Great Recession. Fortunately, getting the right mortgage is becoming much easier and job growth among first-time homebuyers’ age group is strong.
  • Metro Markets Are Unaffordable. Many people are under the false belief that they could only afford a home in a rural area, far from their job. In fact, though, around 80 percent of metro markets have median priced homes that are affordable for families on a median income.
  • Rent Is Cheaper. Renting is only more affordable if you look at the short term. With a wider view, it becomes clear that buying allows you to lock in housing costs and build equity, which is great news as rents have increased by 11 percent in the last three years.

Are you working with a team of mortgage experts who is ensuring all of the mortgage information you believe is accurate? So you can get the knowledge you deserve, contact Avis Lending. We are here to help you be armed with the education you need to ensure every step of your lending process goes smoothly. Do not leave yourself believing myths that could lead you astray, leaving you with costly delays or possible denial; call our team today!

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