How Your Age Might Affect Your Mortgage

If you are not familiar with mortgage situations, you may not be aware that your age has the ability to affect your mortgage. Contrary to popular belief, receiving a mortgage is not always a walk in the park. As far as receiving the approval for a loan is concerned, everyone has their own troubles, issues and requirements that they have to deal with. There are several instances that can affect mortgage rates for you. Since this situation is not as clear and dry cut as many people assume, there are several things that you need to know.

Young Homebuyers

Young homebuyers are usually the individuals who are purchasing a home for the first time. During this time in an individual’s life, there are often extreme amounts of loans that derive from school loans and cash reserves. These instances will prevent these individuals for being approved for a mortgage loan.

Middle Aged Homebuyers

Middle aged homebuyers are a little different. These homebuyers are usually between 30 to 50 years old or in their late 50s. Many people refer to these individuals as being in the sandwich generation. During this time, a lot of people decide to upgrade and move into a home that is better able to accommodate their growing needs, such as family.


Individuals that are retired have had a while to build up their assets and other instances. The downside to this is that they may be on a fixed income, which is a significant amount that is lower than previous years. This is a primary factor that has the ability to threaten the approval of a mortgage.

There are several refinance home mortgage options that are available, and you may need help deciding which options that best suit your needs. In most instances, you are able to apply online for your mortgage and submit your application. For more information regarding mortgages in the Orange County area, contact Avis Lending now!

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