Have you ever done a home inventory?

Creating a home inventory of your personal belongings will save a tremendous amount of hardship in the instance that you are in a disastrous situation. While you can’t prevent a flood, fire, earthquake or tornado, by having an organized and detailed list of the items in your home you’ll protect your losses. You can determine the value of your property for insurance and tax purposes more successfully if you have a home inventory list already prepared.

In your inventory include a list of items in your possession. Large appliances, such as computers and televisions, are typically listed, in addition to smaller items, such as sets of dishes and cameras. Remember to list clothing, furniture, kitchen appliances and jewelry, as well as sports equipment and outdoor items. Take photos or videos of the items. Keep any receipts, and note the date of purchase, serial number and retail value of the items.

Avis Lending believes in the importance of having a home inventory checklist. If you are overwhelmed with starting an inventory of your belongings, we are happy to help you with your home inventory, so contact us today!

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