Gather the Documents You’ll Need to Get the Mortgage You Want

First time home buyers–and even veteran homeowners–often are unsure of the docs they’ll need to get the mortgage they want. Understanding the basic documentation mortgage lenders want will help you be prepared before you make a home loan application. Here is a checklist you can use to be ready to make a successful mortgage loan request.

  • Two years’ tax returns. No, not from 1957, but the most recent two years. Even if you submit copies, be sure they are signed.
  • Your two most recent pay stubs. This helps verify your employment and income.
  • Bank statements for the past two months. This shows your available cash. Be prepared to explain any large deposits.
  • Photo IDs from you and anyone else making application. Lenders must know you’re who you claim to be.
  • A signed Purchase Contract (if you’re buying a home) or a copy of your deed (if a refinance).
  • Evidence of a homeowners policy.
  • Verification of your employment, title and compensation.
  • Original gift letters, if you’re getting down payment funds from family.
  • Self-employed borrowers need copies of 1099 forms or other evidence of income.

For more information about the docs you need to make a complete application, contact Avis Lending. We are your proven mortgage experts in California, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Connecticut, Oregon, Utah, Nevada and Florida. We are happy to help you with answers all your mortgage questions.

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