For Sale by Owner: Good idea?

For Sale By Owner (FSBO), has become one of the biggest buzzwords of the real estate market. Online resources are available for those who want to bypass the traditional process of going through a real estate broker to sell a prized home. There are drawbacks to every resource, however. And, the individual looking to sell a home needs to take a hard look at all of the resources available before choosing which route is best.

Consumer selections on the two most prominent options, FSBO and a professional real estate broker, hinge on two factors: pocketing more money and the convenience and privacy of using the internet. Users of FSBO resources site savings, as they avoid paying commissions to real estate brokers. But, are they really cheating themselves in looking to not pay a small commission? Others site the convenience and superior exposure brought on by using the Internet to sell a home. But, again, do they lose exposure to more desirable buyers by not utilizing the resources of the real estate broker?

An embarrassing answer to these very questions came in a most unexpected manner. Colby Sambrotto, the founder and king of a famous online FSBO resource, has been reported to have made use of a broker in a desperate situation. Not having enough exposure, he visited a broker for help in finding a buyer for his Condo. In doing so, the broker helped him to pull in $150,000 above what he had been asking as a strictly FSBO seller. That far exceeded the savings in commission that he sought.

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