Flat Mortgage Rates Means A Great Time To Refinance!

Even though the housing market is doing better and the overall economy is looking up, to keep growth in the positive numbers, the government has kept interest rates stable, so mortgage rates have remained stable as well. Not only are first time home buyers actually buying properties, but homeowners with home loans with medium to high interest rates have even more incentive to explore their refinance home mortgage options before interest rates do go up. And, as the real estate markets get stronger and the economy gets stronger, interest rates will definitely go up.

If you’re a homeowner with an existing mortgage, especially a mortgage that is over 5 years old, take a look at what interest rates are available in the refinance markets today. Odds are, you can refinance your home at a much lower interest rate. This means you can save thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars with a simple refinanced home loan. 

Working with great companies like Avis Lending in the Orange County CA area not only gives you the best mortgage rates available today, but they can help to ensure you’re saving the most money possible through a refinance. If you own a home, give them a call today and see what they can do for you.

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