Five Reasons Housing Inventory Will Rise!

People who are looking to buy a new home should be aware that while inventory levels of homes are quite low at the moment, there are some good signs that housing inventory will rise, according to a recent article at The Truth About Mortgage. Here are five reasons to feel more confident about rising housing inventory levels.

1. Homeowners are gaining increased equity and are starting to go back into the black. Now that they see they won’t lose money on the transaction, more homeowners will be willing to sell, which will add to the inventory.

2. Many foreclosed homes are starting to come to market. This will definitely increase the number of houses that will be available for sale.

3. Banks are also beginning to take advantage of the rising prices. If they can get a good deal now, they should be inclined to take it.

4. Speculators are now showing signs that they are losing interest in investing in the real estate market. As they stop purchasing homes, they will also begin dumping properties to get their profits as soon as possible.

5. More homebuilders are going back to work. Recently published statistics from the U.S. Census bureau indicate that single-family home permits have increased by 1.3 percent this May, their highest level in five years.

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