Financially Savvy Home Renovations

Almost all home improvement projects will add value to your home, but some are more budget friendly than others. Keep these financially savvy home improvements in mind when you are looking to upgrade your home.

  • Molding. Decorative molding comes in many different colors and materials that can make a room seem more dramatic. Crown molding can also make a room seem taller and bigger if installed properly.
  • Ceiling fans. A quality ceiling fan is number one of home buyers’ decorative wish list. Choosing a quality ceiling fan can create less noise, while having better cooling results.
  • Patios. Installing a patio is a great way to increase the living area of your home, without having to add on an expensive room addition. Make sure not to skimp on the lighting of the patio to ensure it is functional as well as beautiful.
  • Cost efficient upgrades. Almost any cost efficient upgrade will increase the value of your home. Homebuyers are more likely to buy an energy efficient home than one that is less efficient but is price 2 – 3 percent lower.

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