Circumvent Financial Obstacles in Marriage

More time is spent in preparation for the wedding day than the 50 years of life that will follow.  Couples planning to marry must consider the ways in which money will impact every aspect of life.  Ongoing money-related conversation will allow the couple to avoid common money pitfalls in marriage.

  • Overspending – Households without a monthly budget experience ongoing shortages of money.  Establishment of a budget ensures that funds are available for necessities and some luxuries.  Spending against the budget can be monitored closely.
  • Credit problems – One individual might have a credit history marred with negative reports.  The status of credit histories must be revealed prior to the wedding day.  Surprises can present barriers to major purchases, such as a house or vehicles.
  • Tax surprises – Dual income households might be in a higher tax bracket.  A consultation with an accountant would be prudent.
  • Lack of savings – An emergency fund should be established to pay for unexpected costs.  Credit burdens can be avoided.
  • Joint accounts – Individual checking accounts might be helpful for managing the household cash flow without conflict. 

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