Boost Your Social Security Benefits

Social Security BenefitsMaximize Your Benefits With These Helpful Tips

Whether you are applying for Social Security benefits right now, or just noticing the deductions on your paycheck, securing compensation from the Social Security Administration will be a task you likely face at some point in your life. It can be a daunting undertaking, so to maximize your returns we offer these tips.

  1. Strive For 35: If you have worked for 30+ and are thinking of retiring soon, make sure you wait until you hit the 35-year mark. Your Social Security compensation is based off an average of your wages for 35 years. If you have worked for more than 35 years, the highest-earning 35 are used, but if you have worked fewer than 35 years the remaining years are calculated at a zero salary, significantly diminishing your average.
  2. Get A Hand: Many people wait to hire help when applying for disability insurance until they have already been denied, but you have the option to hire an expert to guide you through the process from step one. Consider bringing on the help you deserve right away to maximize your benefits and make sure the process goes smoothly.
  3. Know Your Rights: Oftentimes widows and widowers assume that their benefits are the same as spousal benefits. Widows and widowers, however, have the option to use their own benefits first, and then switch to survivor benefits or vice versa.
  4. Wait It Out: If you can, wait until you are 70 to claim your Social Security benefits to maximize your payments. The monthly payment will be 76 percent higher than it would be if you had claimed it at 62.

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