Benefits of being Pre Approved

You’re looking to purchase a house for the first time, and you see the most marvelous listings in your favorite neighborhood. They seem affordable for the area, but you aren’t sure if they’re affordable for you. Many factors go into determining how much money you’re eligible to borrow from a bank. Your income, debts, benefits, and downpayment all play a part in the mortgage you can support when you buy a home.

Instead of going in blind when buying a house and looking at listings, talk to a lender about being preapproved. The pre-approval process lets you know how much you qualify for, and whether you have any issues that need addressed prior to making an offer on a home. The real estate agent also appreciates pre-approved buyers, as it means that you’re making a serious effort into getting a house sold. It also makes the process of attaining a mortgage quicker since you’ve already gone through most of the paperwork.

Contact Avis Lending to get pre-approved before you go house shopping today!

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