Avoid These Debt Collection Mistakes To Avoid Serious Consequences

Nobody wants to be in debt. Yet sometimes life takes an unexpected turn for the worse as you struggle to make payments. Then the debt collection calls start to come in.

Before you throw your phone out the window, understand that the collection agency is simply doing their job in trying to clear away a debt that you owe. But you may get bad advice from people about how to handle the calls. Try to avoid these 3 debt collection mistakes so you aren’t putting yourself into an even worse situation.

1. Ignoring the call: When you are ignoring the call, it is like telling the debt collector that you don’t care about repaying the debt. They will then begin sending you letters and may take legal action against you. Always answer the phone.

2: Not knowing your legal rights: If you don’t know your legal rights, then you won’t know if the debt collector is practicing fair collection methods as some may take advantage of the situation. Always find out your rights through the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and by contacting an expert debt financial advisor.

3: Not getting debt verification and agreements in writing: If you come to an agreement about paying off your debt, always get it in writing and never give out your credit card or account information until the documents come in the mail. This tactic ensures that you are in fact paying for a legitimate debt, and that you are only paying for it by the agreed terms.

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