Application Checklist

Getting ready to apply? Here’s a list of documents you may be asked to supply:


  • Copy of your signed contract including any riders
  • Verified document showing the deposit you made on the home, if any
  • Contact information for real estate agents, attorneys and other professional parties involved in the sale
  • Copy of the property listing sheet and any survey information or other legal description


  • Copies of your two most recent paystubs as well as a year-to-date statement of earnings if available
  • Copies of your W-2 forms for the preceding two years (self-employed: full tax returns required)
  • Contact information for employers during the past two years
  • Green card or work visa if applicable
  • Also be ready to explain any periods of time during the past two years when you were not employed
  • Information about alimony, child support, Social Security or disability income your receive

Source of funds and down payment

  • Copy of signed contract for current home if proceeds are being used for purchase of new home
  • Savings, checking and money market statements for past three months
  • Copies of brokerage statements showing stocks and bonds owned
  • For gifts, provide a gift affidavit and a receipt of your gift

Existing debts

  • List of contact information for credit card companies, banks or other lenders or entities with which you have loans, as well as account numbers, existing balances and monthly payments
  • Copies of last three monthly statements for each debt account
  • List of contact information for mortgage holders and/or landlords from past two years, as well as account numbers, existing balances and monthly payments
  • Copies of child support and/or alimony orders

This list is not intended to be complete; your lender may require additional documentation. Being cooperative and prompt in supplying additional documents will help speed your application process along.

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