50 Ways to be Productive in 10 minutes or less!

The key to increased productivity is good organization. When it comes to organizing the various aspects of your life, you don’t have to wait until you have free hours that you can devote to a task. Anyone can be more productive by using any of these 50 ways to increase productivity, and reduce stress in the process. Any time you’re got 10 minutes of free time or less, you may want to take advantage of these suggestions.

1. Create a Budget. By creating a budget, you can keep better track of your financial goals and monthly spending.

2. Find a deal for something you’ve needed to purchase.

3. Figure out one expense you can reduce or cut.

4. Set up automatic bill paying.

5. Set a financial goal

6. Look for deals for three pantry staples.

7. Start a savings jar.

8. Figure out your financial needs for retirement.

9. Sign up for credit score reports.

10. Reply to a classified ad for part time work.

11. Make a list of things related to money, such as changing bad habits, learning budgeting, saving and investing strategies.

12. Calculate the number of yours you work so you can maintain your current spending habits.

13. Think of three things you can do to save money this month.

14. Learn retirement terms and download apps to help you keep track of your financial life.

15. Change the password on one of your online credit or bank accounts.

16. Throw out tax files that are seven years old or older.

17. Figure out how much you’ll need to save to make a dream a reality .

18. Make an appointment to talk to your boss.

19. Go out for coffee with a coworker.

20. Send an acquaintance an e-mail to say “hello.”

21. Become a superhero to calm or relax yourself or gain some instant confidence.

22. Ask someone to read your resume and offer input.

23. Read something related to your field.

24. Straighten up your work space.

25. Spend ten minutes talking in front of a mirror to hone your communication skills.

26. Take an Emotional Intelligence IQ test.

27, Edit your LinkedIn profile.

28. Arrange to spend five minutes with a person you admire.

29. Spend time preparing for an important company meeting.

30. Learn about your personality traits by taking a personality test.

31. Take time to update one section of your resume.

32. Make a list of your professional skills.

33. Write your one minute elevator sales-pitch.

34. Look for important questions prospective employers might ask you.

35. Think of a question to ask a job interviewer.

36. Revise and prioritize your daily to-do list.

37. Download a to-do list app so you have it wherever you are.

38. Take time to look at cute animal pictures – to improve your focus and productivity.

39. Download an app like “Self Control” to block distracting websites.

40. Make your lunch and pack your work bag before going to bed.

41. Talk a brief walk.

42. Figure out how much your time is worth.

43; Finish an unfinished project.

44. Automate your electronic work with a program like Evernote or One Note.

45. Prepare your snacks. Cut up fruit and veggies for the week, and then distribute them to friends.

46. Clean the desk drawer where you throw everything.

47. Find a charity that will take your unused and unwanted clothing.

48. Download an app to help you organize your e-mails.

49. Create labels for different categories so you can easily sort your e-mail.

50. Make a list of your accomplishments today.

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