5 Tips to Help You Refinance Your Home

Refinancing your home can be a daunting process. Following these 5 tips can help ensure a simple and stress free refinancing process for your home.

  1. Shop around. Check with different financing companies to make sure you are getting the best APR and the lowest fees when you refinance.
  2. Maximize you time. Using a mortgage brokers can help save you time since they have access to many different banks, while individual banks can only use their bank rates.
  3. Protect your credit. Before letting all potential lenders run your credit score, narrow your choices down to three lenders at most.
  4. Find your mortgage options. If you are looking for a short term fixed rate mortgage, credit unions are your best bet. For any mortgages that are over $1 million, go with a private bank since they have more competitive rates for larger mortgages.
  5. Seek continuity. Request to only deal with one representative to avoid being passed around from person to person.

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