5 Reno’s That Boost Your Home’s Value and 5 That Don’t

If you know that you’ll be selling your older home in the near future, there are some renovations that will appeal to buyers while increasing the value of your home. Then there are improvements that do nothing to increase the value of your home. Knowing which ones are worth it may make the difference between selling your house for top dollar, or not selling it at all.

Worthwhile Improvements

#1 A kitchen remodel that includes replacing counters for granite or engineered stone and replacing appliances with newer stainless steel models. Removing a wall to create a more open concept adds value.

#2 Simple Bathroom fixes involve replacing a space consuming vanity with a space-saving one, adding proper lighting and a simple fix like re-glazing a bathtub are all value-adding improvements.

#3 Add green amenities to appeal to potential buyers. Features such as storm doors, double or triple pane windows, ceiling fans, and other energy saving additions will always appeal to buyers and increase a home’s value.

#4 Spend the money to install an automatic sprinkler system.

#5 Install a central home sound system, and add surround-sound to a media or the main TV room.

Improvements That Decrease Home Value

#1 Don’t put an in ground pool in the backyard. Most home buyers don’t want to deal with the maintenance, or worse, the potential liability.

#2 Don’t eliminate bedrooms. Turning a bedroom into a library, a wine-tasting room, or something that only appeals to specific interest is a turn-off to potential home buyers.

#3 Don’t install carpeting anywhere. Home buyers want easier to maintain and more attractive and modern-looking hardwood floors. Engineered wood is a good-looking, affordable alternative to hardwood.

#4 Don’t over spend on fancy lighting. Instead of purchasing expensive chandeliers, install recessed lighting and go for subtle fixtures that aren’t so taste-specific.

#5 Don’t eliminate a garage by turning it into another room. Home buyers want a functioning garage for cars, yard equipment and other storage.

Before you begin your search for a new home, or consider making improvements before selling your home, contact Avis Lending to discuss your financing needs.

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