5 Questions to Ask Before Refinancing

Refinancing your home could help your save money, if it done right. Make sure to ask you these questions before refinancing your home.

  1. Will you qualify? Qualifying for refinancing can be just as difficult as getting the original loan. Make sure that you are financially stable before trying refinance.
  2. Is your home ready? You will have to get your home appraised before getting it refinanced. Make sure your home is in the best shape possible before filling out applications.
  3. When will you break even? You will have to pay many different fees when refinancing, which will add to the total cost of your mortgage. It may end up taking you a while before you will break even on the deal.
  4. Are you getting the best deal? Stick with a local, reputable source that knows the area over a company that seems like it is offering the lowest rate.
  5. Are you underwater? Refinancing is usually not the best option in you owe more on your home than it is currently worth.

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