3 Real Estate Myths, Debunked

There are three real estate myths that must be debunked and today we will put a stop to them…maybe. Here we go.

Real Estate Myth #1: Spring is the best time to sell.

While spring and summer are good times to look at homes it may not be the best season to SELL a home. Traditionally, a lot of buyers are in the market after the end of the year holidays and that may actually, may be the best time to list.

Real Estate Myth #2: Make your lowest offer first.

If you really don’t care about getting the property a low offer may help you acquire it. However if you REALLY want a particular property, make an offer that you will not feel bad about getting rejected. In other words, give it your best shot. If it is not accepted you can then either shrug your shoulders and move on or decide upon increasing it. Don’t lose a property you truly want by low balling an offer.

Real Estate Myth #3: Cash is King.

A pre-approved, well financed offer that is greater than a cash offer will win. Don’t assume because you don’t need financing your offer will win. Not true. Not true at all.

Avis lending can help you get the exact property you want. Contact us today to see how we can help. Avis lending serves the needs of homebuyers seeking their perfect home. We can certainly help you!

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